4global Consulting launches Data Analytics and Insight service

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International sports consultancy firm 4global Consulting has launched its Data Analytics and Insight service, focused on helping organisations become more data-driven and empowered to make key strategic decisions based on insight over instinct.

This new service will blend statistical modelling with predictive analytics to provide organisations in the sport and physical activity sector with the ability to understand cross-sector trends and incorporate these into future planning and investment.

The service will build on a number of high-profile projects delivered for existing national funding bodies, national governing bodies and leisure operator clients, exploiting the rapid growth in technological capability to provide unprecedented predictive accuracy.

With the continued decline and questioned effectiveness of manual and small-sample size research, this service will look to align the sport and physical activity with best-practice examples from external industries, such as retail and FMCG.

“We have launched the Data Analytics and Insight service to meet the increasing demand for robust data and evidence across the sport and physical activity sector,” says Eloy Mazon, CEO of 4global Consulting.

“Our ongoing work with big data, through the DataHub initiative and high-profile analytics projects, has demonstrated the value in providing organisations with a depth of data and insight that has not previously been possible in the sector. We have assembled a team that will continue to revolutionise the insight provided to organisations, enabling us to work towards our overall vision of shaping the future of sport.”

The team of statisticians and analysts will work alongside 4global’s existing four service areas of major sporting events, strategic services, sport planning and sport intelligence, to provide clients with a greater depth of service, underpinned by a sector-leading understanding of data and insight.

Ed Hubbard, Principal Consultant at 4global and lead for the Data Analytics and Insight team, explained that the new service represents an opportunity for the sector to move away from gut instinct: “Through the DataHub, we have access to data from almost 600 million individual participation events and 10 million individual people. With additional participation data provided by specific clients, we can utilise market-leading modelling techniques to not only demonstrate the value of physical activity but identify the specific interventions that are required to increase participation across all age groups and demographics”.

For more information about the new service and to find out more about working with 4global, visit www.4global.com or email enquries@4global.com.

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