A day in the life with Emir Akgul

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Emir works as a Customer Success Specialist at 4global. He is responsible for managing the support line and works closely with the development team to enhance the user experience and user interfaces on both DataHub and SportsHub products. 

What does a typical day look like for you right now?  

Not much has been changed in terms of my morning routines but, as we are working from home and I don’t have to drive to the office in Istanbul’s tremendous traffic, the time has shifted by around half an hour. 

Currently, we have our morning catchups with all company members as a routine and after that, we share our daily tasks with the Sport Intelligence team on the call. 

After finishing up the calls it’s business as usual. We are still doing our best within the development team to provide the quickest and most efficient solutions for our partners and clients. We have aimed to deliver all of our objectives just like before the pandemic and according to the KPIs; it looks like we have achieved this so far.  

After the work is done, I do a workout with my own body weight to stay in shape and play some online games with friends until it is time for a good sleep. 

How have you adapted to remote working?  

Personally the adaptation was not a big deal for me. I am used to working remotely with the development team and as we are located in a different country from our HQ so communicating and collaborating remotely was already part of our working routine. 

The only downside of this is not seeing my friends in the office. Although we see each other through the webcams, sometimes it makes me feel lonely as I am not capable of having a random conversation and having a laugh with them. 

What has been your biggest learning moment of the C-19 era?   

Just like John Lennon says “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” 

This pandemic situation showed me that life is not in our control and we cannot manage everything as we wanted.  On the other hand, it has been a chance to take a look inside and realize the value of good relations, communication and importance of the team sports for mental  health. I have missed basketball and football so badly!  

What long-term impact do you think C-19 will have on the industry?   

​​​​​​​In my opinion this will affect all of our lives and, of course, the industry. There might be a huge increase in virtual classes and remote sessions. So we could see completely different membership models for clubs and leisure centres. 

In every scenario, technology and digital transformation will play a huge role in the future. AR, VR and Mixed Reality technologies will bring many different experiences into our homes. Companies that are not giving enough attention to the value of data and new tech trends will collapse. So Covid-19 will play a great role in this “Data Era”.  

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