A day in the life with Vinicius Bergmann

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Vinicius (better known as Vinnie) has worked as a Project Manager at 4global since December 2017. He has spent two years in Peru working on the Lima 2019 Panamerican and Parapanamerican Games, while also working on proposals for a variety of other projects. He was most recently deployed in Panama, for the first phase of the Panama 2022 Central America and Caribbean Games.

What does a typical day look like for you right now?

I could not say there is such a thing as a “typical” day right now, because even after 3 months of quarantine, I must admit I am struggling a bit to find a routine. I am used to waking up before sunrise to go to the gym and starting the workday as early as possible, but with gyms being closed and being two hours ahead of our main client’s time zone, the concept of a typical has totally shifted. I usually wake up at 7:30am now and aim to start working at 8:30 am, but demand has been volatile, so there are days in which I have too much time on my hands, which allows me to take online courses, and there are days in which I have to work non-stop until the middle of night. I have also gone full quarantine cliché and adopted two Australian Shepherd puppies, which has contributed for the lack of routine.

How have you adapting to remote working?

It is obviously different than being in an office, where you are able to have informal conversations with the client on a daily basis, whereas now every interaction feels like a meeting. Other than that, I am enjoying working from home, because just as I can have breaks when possible, I can take on many more demands without being mentally constrained to “office hours.” There are however some technical difficulties, having to negotiate with my wife for the WiFi “sweet spot” of the house, because she is working remotely and having many calls as well. Having said that, my office is now in the kitchen, the WiFi semi-sweet spot of the house.

What has been your biggest learning moment of the C-19 era?

As I have been living in Lima for the past two years, and most recently in Panama City, I have not really had time to rest and spend quality time with my family. As consultants, we are wired to be ready for the next project wherever it may be, jumping headfirst onto the next challenge. But in this down time right after quarantine started, I have realised how much I needed this time at home, being closer to my parents and brother and being home with my wife (and now two dogs). I have also learned (going back to quarantine clichés) how everything can change within days and how important it is to be in control of the only thing you can, which is the way you react. Even though there many reasons for being insecure about the future and afraid of what is coming, you can choose to stay positive and make rational decisions during this time of uncertainty, so the inevitable changes will not be as hard, and maybe go for just one dog instead of two.

What do you think/hope the lasting impact that C-19 will have on the industry?

Although I am a firm believer that things will eventually go back to the new normal, we are seeing huge impacts on the entertainment industry, especially Major Sports Events, for example in the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. In a short to medium term, I believe social distancing will dictate the number of seats allowed at any sports event, if allowed at all. On a positive note, I think there will be a newfound appreciation for sports and outside activities in general, so I believe there is potential for the sports industry to come back stronger than ever before. Once it is safe for life to get back to normal, of course.

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