A day in the life with Egemen Onen

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Egemen is a Director at 4global, delivering a range of services to our clients primarily in the area of major sporting events. Most recently he has provided operational readiness advice to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and event bidding services to NEOM project in Saudi Arabia. Egemen also plays a key role in 4global’s basketball-related projects, making use of his knowledge of the sport as a former professional basketball player.

What does a typical day look like for you right now?

I travelled to my hometown in Turkey from London in early June with my family. Living by the sea and being two hours ahead of UK time have given me the opportunity to start most of my days with an hours’ swim followed by a family breakfast before I get in front of my computer to plan my day and start working.

From here my days are filled with a mix of client calls, internal meetings and ongoing project work. I try to finish all my calls by 1pm in order to fully focus on project work in the afternoons but this is not always possible with clients and contacts across many different time zones.

How have you adapted to remote working?

Since I joined 4global, I have always undertaken a mix of remote and office working, therefore I have just carried on working as I did before. The main challenge, particularly at the beginning of the C-19 period, was managing the care of our two-year-old son with my wife as we were both working and had cancelled our childcare arrangements as a precaution. Although this meant that I had to work outside of the regular office hours to compensate, I am grateful that I have been able to spend more time with my son, which for me is probably the best thing about this whole situation.

What has been your biggest learning moment of the C-19 era to date?

Not necessarily my biggest learning moment, but rather a pleasant ongoing observation, has been witnessing the way in which 4global, as an employer, has managed the uncertainties of the C-19 situation. This has not only kept the team focused on their tasks with minimum distraction but also ensured high level of integration among the team despite everyone working remotely.

This is certainly a testament to 4global’s corporate values.

What is the lasting Impact that C-19 will have on the industry?

I believe the main impact of the pandemic will be on three areas from the professional sport perspective: financial, legal and operations.

On the financial side, the impact will be driven by the sponsors and broadcasters. We will see a re-valuation of sport assets by sponsors and major changes in the business model of broadcasters with a view to reduce dependency on live content. This will have a butterfly effect across all components of sport from the athletes’ salaries to event landscape.

On legal, every organisation involved in sport, from leisure operators to rights owners and insurance providers, will be more resilient towards unprecedented situations, like a pandemic, with a view to contractually protecting themselves.

On operations, the learnings from this pandemic will be key in the health & safety measures implemented for all client groups at a venue in the future. The success of these measures will also determine how soon the spectators will be back at the venues. This kind of situation will also be part of scenario planning and operations readiness activities for sure.