A day in the life with Marcello Wellisch

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Marcelo is a Partner of 4global, responsible for the company’s operation in the Americas region. His track record of working in sport and Major Sporting Events goes back to 2006 when he worked on Rio´s Pan and Parapan American Games.  His main duties in the region are to develop business opportunities and manage all of 4global´s projects within Major Sporting Events, Sports Strategy and Sports Intelligence.   

What does a typical day look like for you right now?

It’s quite different from previous years. We are facing a new way of working and it’s a big change from the long days in the office to almost endless days at home. As I am based in Lima, Perú, and working daily with colleagues in the UK, typically my day starts early in the morning with team meetings and it develops throughout the day managing projects and speaking to our clients located in the region. The main idea is to keep the same tasks that I would normally have completed when working in the office. The twist is I now see people through my laptop screen rather than in person, but the end result is about the same: tight timescales, some quick phone calls which now replace the stop-by-my-desk meetings and putting together last-minute requests.  In the end we are still proud to deliver our work to the same high quality

How have you adapted to remote working?

Alongside a whole host of things I do in my business life, I am now adding a few new activities to my to do list:  cooking, cleaning, walking the dogs. A part of life that typically is left behind when I’m away on business and working on major events.

Nevertheless, this reality is bringing a new daily rhythm that will probably have a lasting impact on me. At least I can proudly say today that I can cook a hell of a good fettuccini Alfredo – better than I ever did before.

What has been your biggest learning moment of the C-19 era?

Despite cooking becoming a brand-new skill and mastering the art of French press coffee, the use of new online tools and learning to optimise time on conversations in meetings, have helped me and my team work more efficiently and effectively. It has also been a great opportunity to dive into other sides of our business that we never had the time to understand in depth before. We have built even more interconnection between the different capabilities within our company and we are bringing new and exciting projects to the Americas region which draw on the breadth of 4global’s expertise and experience.

What do you think/hope the lasting impact that C-19 will have on the industry?

Unlike most of the people, I don’t foresee a drastic change in the world post Covid. Of course, in the short term, there will be a transition phase the entire world will have to go through – readapting to working side by side with other people and perhaps overcoming some fear. But hopefully within a year our lives should go back to normal and all of this should remain in the past, as history has already shown us.

Most importantly there are a few good lessons we can learn: companies which never  accepted remote working can now see how effective and powerful this approach is and that it has a lot of potential to become a new reality; we can never rule out the most unimaginable hypotheses in our lives, as I have seen many times in my life specially working with Major Sporting Events. If you plan correctly, you should be prepared to face whatever comes ahead of you and overcome difficult times