As an independent information provider to the sports sector, 4 global's Sport Intelligence Team has been working closely with a range of pioneering NGBs to develop a 'live information hub' which uses secure CRM data feeds from nationwide leisure facility operators to drive and capture insight. 

The ASA  commissioned 4 global to develop a platform that uses weekly data feeds from nationwide leisure facility operators to enable the ASA to assess participation trends across programmes and facilities. This initial reporting facility is being extended to develop a set of tools to enable the ASA to support their partner facility operators in planning and delivering programme enhancements, higher facility utilisation and increased revenues.

The idea is simple, but not easy to implement. It potentially changes how the entire sector works. With the development of a national 'information hub' downloaded from leisure centres, 4 global is now working with other national governing bodies (NGBs) to provide critical business insight and to inform decision-making.