Sport Investment Consultancy


There’s already a lot of data in this sector, but knowing what data is most relevant to help your organisation achieve its own objectives is fundamental. This includes: 

How to identify the biggest growth opportunity for both today and tomorrow, and therefore invest in the right place to target outcomes and impacts

•Know how to engage and develop that opportunity

•How to coordinate and unite partners in the same direction through better use and sharing of relevant intelligence

•Using the right data, not more data!

4 global’s Sport Investment practice works with sport governing bodies, government agencies, local authorities, commercial facility operators and county sport partnerships, to enable them to maximise returns from the innovative and strategic use of data and information. This often includes supporting organisations to change how they think about data and how they digitally position themselves within a sector that is changing very quickly. 


Data analysis 

Core market analysis: use of the latest sector intelligence (DataHub) and other datasets collected by the organisation and partners to understand growth potential and how to best invest into customer, programme and facility initiatives. 

•Market segmentation: understand the customer (or resident) journey and physical activity engagement and retention strategies.

•Digital consultancy: support organisations to establish a roadmap that positions them as the intelligence coordinator within their respective sport or geographical area. This often includes a data capture, acquisition and application strategy.

4 global recently completed a detailed core market insight project for England Squash to underpin their latest 4-year Sport England funding round. This gave the NGB a comprehensive understanding of growth opportunities (and risks) based on actual market potential and wider sector trends, and will form part of an ongoing dynamic outcome-based investment framework, which will include using intelligence to diversify funding and generate new revenue streams.



Bespoke programme and facility investment models that predict participation and commercial returns, helping to plan development within optimal locations.

•Support organisations to use intelligence to secure outcome-based funding from a range of partners. 

4 global provide ongoing site acquisition analysis and modelling for Powerleague, the UK’s largest small sided facility operator. This includes using the latest sector participation trends, applied to each local context, to provide business planning projections aligned with the optimal facility mix. 4 global provide a similar service for a range of public and private sector facility investment projects, including health and fitness facility demand modelling.

In 2016 4 global developed a facility planning model (and interactive supply and demand map) for the RFU to guide £57m of investment into 100 artificial grass pitch sites over 4 years, which will expose 58,000 more people to the sport for the first time.



Use of data and subsequent intelligence to target, coordinate and monitor investment into physical activity that drives local social and economic returns (and how to then evidence this to stakeholders such as Public Health England).

•Use of intelligence and sector trends, applied locally, to predict community impacts and therefore proactively secure diverse funding opportunities. 

In 2016 4 global launched the County Sport Partnership (CSP) Participation Intelligence Coordinator Programme, supporting CSPs nationwide to make better use of local to national data, and with this drive their own objectives while influencing key delivery and funding stakeholders.

"The concept is exciting, relevant to our next generation CSP thinking and seeks to explore how a CSP can use relevant technology and data to transform the way services are provided and increase impact by capturing and utilising consistent customer data” Graeme Sinnott (CSPN Performance Insight Manager)

4 global was  commissioned by UK Sport to analyse the participation legacy impact from the 2016 Rio Olympics. This included using the DataHub (200 million participation visits, and will inform future DCMS investment. 


“4 Global was commissioned to complete 3 key areas of research to support both our current planning and future strategy work. These focused on participation trends, health interventions and infrastructure. The level of detail provided and the substance behind the information is extremely impressive and 4 global are outstanding at producing high quality insight and strategic guidanceSimon Hughes (Head of Recreational Badminton)


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