Major sporting events

We help major event rights holders, host cities and organisers to plan, bid for and deliver sporting events in a more effective manner, maximising the legacy benefits to all stakeholders.

We offer a mix of strategic and technical expertise that spans the whole life-cycle of major sporting events providing bespoke solutions for the unique requirements of each client.

4global has been involved in the successful delivery of major sporting events including Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games as well as numerous high-profile single sport events since 2000.

We help our clients develop a bespoke event hosting strategy to help inform which events to prioritise – the ‘right events for the rightreasons at the right time,’  that will best meet your objectives. For individual events we undertake feasibility studies to inform the all-important decision to bid, helping manage the writing of the candidature file and the evaluation process. 

Members of our team have led the bidding process at a range of events, scale and scope, from Island Games to the Olympic Games. Our multi-disciplinary, experienced team of leading sector specialists cover every aspect of events from technical compliance to bid positioning and narrative, ensuring that the right message gets to the right people at the right time.

Early planning is fundamental for delivering events in a smarter and cost-efficient way. Once you have been awarded the right to host an event, we help you build the foundations required for making the right decisions as well as mitigating risks and maximising opportunities throughout your journey.

The components of the foundation plan would include the following:

  • Vision and objectives
  • Organisation and organisational development
  • Governance structure
  • Resource planning
  • Budget validation/re-development & spend profile
  • Event scope and service levels
  • Venue audit
  • Games programme
  • Stakeholder engagement

Having worked for more than 35 events in 18 countries, we know very well what works and what doesn’t in different political and cultural settings. Thus, we are confident that we will come up with a plan that fits well in to your unique circumstances.

We provide you with subject matter expertise at every stage of your journey across a wide range of Functional Areas from security and venue management to technology and workforce. Depending on your requirement, our subject matter experts work alongside your internal team on an advisory basis or get seconded to your organisation in a fully embedded way.

Our event operations team have years’ of hands-on operational delivery experience gained from working for some of the world’s most iconic venues and high-profile events including the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and numerous World Cups.

With multiple major projects running at the same time against an unmoveable deadline, major events are among the world’s most complex projects. The successful delivery of all the projects that make the ‘Games’ requires a Programme Management Office which will develop and implement a robust programme plan with a risk-based approach. 

Starting from the early days of your organising committee, we provide you with a full range of Programme Management Office functions including programme planning, reporting, quality assurance; risk, resource & cost management.

Our integrated planning processes and readiness exercising methodologies will help you seamlessly transition from event planning to successful Games operations.

Having assisted 9 consecutive Olympic Games with their readiness programmes, our readiness methodology is designed to incrementally build a heightened state of readiness across individual (e.g. venue teams, functions), collective (e.g. multiple teams across your event) and joint (e.g. between an organising committee and its stakeholders) operating environments.

The key benefits of our readiness services are:

  • The integration of each of the participating agencies replacing planning ‘silos’ with optimum inter-team cooperation, communication and alignment.
  • The rehearsal and validation of procedures, report protocols and plans in a safe and cooperative environment to foster learning and process development.
  • Event-wide transition from a ‘planning’ to ‘operations mindset thereby building staff morale and confidence in meeting the task ahead.
  • The development of a team that will identify, escalate and/or resolve issues in an efficient and effective manner, thereby reducing friction between areas with natural overlaps and dependencies.

Designed by 4global major event specialists, the Information Management System (IMS) enables you to understand, respond to and resolve issues and incidents in a timely manner during Games-time.

Our comprehensive understanding of venue and event operations is built into every aspect of the IMS from its mobile application through to functionality designed for control & operations rooms.

4global IMS has recently been used by Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup and England 2015 Rugby World Cup. It maintained a 100% uninterrupted availability record during support to these events.

Through effective legacy planning, cities and countries have the opportunity to use events to help deliver their wider economic and social objectives. Legacy planning runs throughout the event lifecycle and our team uses their vast legacy planning and implementation expertise to help ensure clients can create long term and sustainable legacy benefits – sporting, economic, environmental and social  that are delivered well before, during and long after the event.

Technology allows us to capture accurate data across all stages of a major events, for everything from the initial engagement and ticketing journey, through to the customer journey at the event facility and the legacy participation that is inspired by the event. Our Data Analytics and Insight maximise the use of event data to improve future delivery, as well as identifying opportunities for commercial partnerships and legacy success.

To facilitate an effective legacy planning process, it is key that cities and countries have a detailed understanding of how existing facility provision provides for residents. We work with event legacy teams to audit existing provision and identify current and potential areas for investment. We utilise market-leading software and analytics tools to store and analyse data, providing organisations with the capabilities and capacity to evaluate the ongoing success of legacy programmes.