Sport and physical activity strategies

We help our clients shape the future of their sport and get more people more active more often. We utilise our expert advice and sector-wide expertise to support organisations such as national governing bodies of sport, local authorities and county sports partnerships to develop strategies to drive up sport and physical activity participation. This is supported by our sports intelligence, new technologies and insight to empower our clients to make more informed decisions.

We utilise our expert advice, sector wide experience and data driven insight to support our National Governing Body clients in developing a clear vision, mission, objectives and strategic priorities and measuring the impact their sport has on both sport specific and wider social health and wellbeing outcomes.

4global was commissioned to deliver the new NGB Strategy for Parkour UK enabling the NGB to build on the sports global reach, international following and extensive social media coverage to ensure Parkour UK can continue to grow, service its members and become fully sustainable.

We have extensive knowledge and understanding of County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) and the role they play in galvanising and facilitating key local stakeholders and community organisations to grow and sustain sport and physical activity.

4global has been working closely with CSPs to provide them with data driven insight, consultancy support and the capability linked to our DataHub services to effectively target, track and monitor the impact of their local programmes aligned to wider sport, health and wellbeing outcomes.

Our research team provides research, monitoring and evaluation services for sport and physical activity programmes and interventions to assess both process and outcome measures. We are experienced in both qualitative and quantitative data collection and have consulted with over 8,000 sport and physical organisations to date and have designed, managed analysed nationwide public surveys.

We regularly produce sector wide reports, publications and white papers informing the sport and leisure sector of the latest leisure trends and impacts on sport and physical activity participation and behaviour change.