Working remotely and remaining connected

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has already had a significant impact on all elements of our lives. As employees of a business that is lucky enough to be able to support remote working, we have leaned heavily into our existing digital systems and adapted quickly to the realities of balancing our personal responsibilities with our professional ones.  

At the 4global virtual HQ, our approach from the outset of this challenging time has been ‘business as usual’, and while our business continues, our new-ish and hopefully short-term reality is quite…unusual. We have a clear goal to survive, recover and thrive and we must support our industry to do the same. To achieve this, we are communicating, collaborating, competing and creating. 

Communication, communication, communication: 

Our day starts with an 08:45 company-wide Teams video call, initially led by our Executive team.  The agenda ensures full transparency providing the team with visibility of the challenges, issues and opportunities that we are presented with. The meeting keeps us aligned and the routine, cohesion and community is most welcome – as are the laughs that come with fancy dress Friday, the questionable facial hair and general camaraderie! 

This is the first of many video calls that happen throughout the day as we connect and collaborate, projecting from one home directly into the other – with the occasional pet or child making a welcome appearance. The departmental lines have faded, and we have reformed as one team, focused on our collective goal. It’s not all work though – there is also a sprinkle of fun throughout with our normal office-centric weekly routines now digitalised. Our Wednesday coffee break is now a virtual one and our traditional Friday quiz is hosted via video call, our weekly scores tallied on a virtual whiteboard. 

Between internal work calls and delivery, it’s integral that we also connect with our clients, our partners and our networks. We seek assurances that they are ok and to understand what their experience is like – hoping that, while they will be facing challenges, they will also be presented with opportunities and offering to help in any way that we can. 


The project calls that follow the company-wide meeting have formed the drumbeat of our new daily rhythm. The project teams utilise smartsheets on their calls: the platform by which we collaborate, manage deliverables, and report on work at scale. As a company, we have always been client-centric, but it seems more prevalent than ever. Our focus is laser sharp when it comes to delivery, acknowledging that we need to do our part during this time to empower our clients to do theirs. 

Strengthen the business:

A business is only as strong as it’s people and as our CEO, Eloy Mazon, aptly put: “our most valuable asset goes up and down in the elevator each day” (or at least normally would).  As a sport business we always try to encourage mental and physical fitness, while this hasn’t changed, we have adjusted it slightly. There is now a bit of friendly competition on the Strava app, with a private 4global club encouraging movement during the one hour of condoned outside activity. We have also acknowledged that this is a great time to level up and maximise the value of our company wide LinkedIn Learning subscriptions, way better than spending a Friday night in the pub (well, almost)! 

Be creative, think differently and don’t be afraid to try new things:

Our team is dedicated to shaping the future of sport and never has there been a better time to deliver on this across the sector than now. The question of ‘how’ we do this is at the forefront of almost every internal conversation, so much so, we have a dedicated Teams chat entirely for this purpose. No idea too small, no suggestion too silly – innovation, creativity and collaboration encouraged. The collaboration extends beyond our team and we are working daily with our partners looking at new innovations and technology, to explore ways in which we can help support the needs of the sector.   

So, while our international physical offices may be dormant, there is a hive of activity in the 4global households all around the world. We are here and we are dedicated to providing you with the best support we can through this time as we as a sector work together to come back stronger. 

Keep an eye out for our day in the life series where different members of our team will give you an insight into the activities and responsibilities of their role during this time.