A new era for member insight

As an operator, wouldn’t it be good to know exactly where to find potential members and then be able to pinpoint what to offer them to meet their specific needs? Geo Impacts, the latest specialist partner module developed by 4 global to join the DataHub suite of products, is now making this possible.

Founded in 2013, the DataHub is a virtual repository for sports and leisure data, holding information from more than 157 operators, who collectively run over 1,100 sites. The DataHub’s overarching aim is to get the nation more active by sharing up-to-date intelligence, so those investing within the sector can benchmark and make more informed decisions. The data is enhanced through a suite of business intelligence modules, provided by specialist DataHub partners, which are accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.

The newest of these modules, Geo Impacts uses live advanced mapping, demographic profiling and participation intelligence sourced from more than 252 million visits nationwide to allow operators to accurately identify potential customers and then precisely target marketing with activities they know people want to take part in.

Geo Impacts also uses national and regional participation data so operators can identify locations where there are under-represented demographic groups as well as trending sports and activities, based on throughput and percentage increase in participation from similar facilities sector-wide.

In real terms, this means activity providers can jump on the latest fitness movement with information about both national trends and those specific to their area, and tailor their offer accordingly. For example, an operator could find out what demographic is most frequently drawn to HIIT workouts, and at what time of day. Or they could drill down into which age groups are drawn to increasingly popular ‘boutique gym’ offerings and tailor their timetable to reflect this.

‘We operate in a data-rich, information-poor sector,’ says Chris Phillips, The DataHub Head of Sales. ‘Data is at the heart of any successful leisure operation but all the data in the world has no value unless it’s accessible and, ultimately, actionable. Our aim has always been to put business intelligence at the heart of the leisure industry, and with Geo Impacts we can now provide up-to-date national information aligned with the local catchment profile of a facility.’

‘This enables operators to not only achieve increased prospect conversion from their targeted marketing but also identify current trends in active participation to ensure they are getting the right offer in front of the right customers, driving better retention. With such a dramatically changing market and increasing opportunities for people to partake in sport, this understanding of what’s currently hot is invaluable.’

Powered by The DataHub, Geo Impacts can also be directly integrated with other DataHub modules available to the DataHub Club members, such as Business Insight, Sales Focus and Marketing Intelligence, to turn insight into action and measure the impact of interventions.

DataHub is offering one month’s free subscription to anyone who signs up for Geo Impacts before February 15th.

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About The DataHub
The collaborative DataHub project was launched in 2013 as an automated and secure way for all facilities across the health and fitness industry to bring their data together on a daily basis, align it with data standards and then access and share consistent business intelligence and best practice. All The DataHub Club members (facility operators, NGBs and delivery partners) now have accurate reporting information, relative benchmarks and actionable operational solutions, based on a central and growing shared repository of 250+ million facility visits (1,100+ UK facilities).

The DataHub provides an eco-system, allowing partner suppliers (marketing, health and safety, customer insight, social return etc.) to leverage the centralised intelligence within their own specialist modules and services, creating a one-stop-shop that delivers simple, coordinated and enhanced customer, programme and facility outcomes. Never before have so many sector organisations been united under one umbrella with such a fundamental mandate, and with the technology to deliver this much-needed step change in how the industry uses data.

About 4 global
An international sports management and major event consultant, 4 global provides expert support in four areas. As a major sporting event consultancy, it works to assist clients with everything from bidding and planning to legacy. Using bespoke online platforms and aggregated data, it provides unrivalled sports intelligence. Sports Investment works closely with sports governing bodies to understand the future of the sector and how data and partners can add value to the sector. And finally, the team offers evidence and research-based sports planning consultancy. 4 global works with event organising committees, national and international sports governing bodies, governments, local authorities and facility operators.