Lima 2019

Main Operations Centre

As part of its role to support the Government to Government (G2G) agreement between the UK and Peruvian Government in relation to the delivery of the 2019 Pan Am and Parapan Games in Lima, 4GLOBAL led the planning, development and operations of the Main Operations Centres (MOC).

4GLOBAL used its expertise in strategic planning, readiness and testing, and information management systems for event wide C3 and MOC operations to support the establishment of an effective and successful MOC operation.

Included in this was systems establishment, training and simulation to prepare the local team for the start of the games to ensure the event ran efficiently at the MOC. Through 4GLOBAL’s proprietary Information Management Systems (IMS), this ensured that the right information was captured and communicated to the right people at the right time across the entire C3 footprint.


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