Strategic intelligence to deliver critical KPIs to your operation

BIZ INSIGHT provides customers with insight into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and detailed analysis to expose trends and critical business drivers throughout the organisation, contract or centre.

BIZ INSIGHT helps operators understand and manage intelligence on a simple web-based application, with easy access to KPIs from desktop or mobile devices. Putting relevant intelligence in the hands of staff enhances overall staff accountability and means organisations operate more effectively.


Customisable and Easy to Use

  • Customisable KPI dashboards – allowing for departmental specification and contract region or centre visibility.
  • Simple filters – aligned to DataHub standards ensure you are always comparing like for like across the operation.
  • Empowering teams – Insightful dashboards empowering employees with visibility of outcomes and growth opportunities throughout the business

Reduce costs and drive and Continuous improvement

  • Reduce costs – and time associated with creating multiple reports, consolidating relevant information to key stakeholders.
  • Continuous improvements – Allows for the development of data capture processes, operational efficiency and income generation opportunities.
  • Timely and accurate – Aligned to sector standardisation as part of the DataHub Data Integrity platform and daily automated extracts from your leisure management system provider.

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