The intelligent and targeted way to acquire and retain customers

Using business intelligence to provide data driven customer retention and acquisition solutions for a facility operator across all programmes, helping generate savings against marketing budgets.

Using your current data and sector-wide benchmarks

The module informs activity programme planning and subsequent targeted marketing campaigns, all aligned with the local profile catchment of your facility.




Current customer catchment

  • Live interactive map showing you the location of customers mapped by time, facility, visit frequency, demographics, member type, activity participation and facility area utilization (as well as competing facilities).

Targeted and focused offers

  • Identify location gaps with underrepresented demographic groups using national and regional participation conversion ratios.
  • Identify the latest trending sports and activities, based on throughput and % increase in participation, from similar facilities sector-wide, all aligned with your local targeted demographic segments.
  • Exclusive DataHub Club member group discount on the purchase of resident contact details for targeted marketing campaigns.


  • Reduce marketing costs and target increased and trackable returns from acquisition campaigns.
  • Real time view of activity to help target and report against local interventions.
  • Able to estimate participation uptake outcomes of specific targeted demographic and programming interventions, using up to date sector benchmarks, this de-risks change and allows for faster growth.
  • Evidence based on sector-wide demographic and lifestyle benchmarking from 300+ million recent facility visits.
  • Use of filtering to align physical activity outcomes with strategic objectives of your organisation and local stakeholders.

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