Using 4GLOBAL’s predictive modelling capabilities, the tool provides a clear set of demand projections in terms of unique users and weekly throughput for a range of facility types, as well as benchmarking projections against sector averages, understanding membership numbers and how much commercial and social value that could be generated.

The tool allows users to model a range of investment scenarios and identify the optimal facility mix and price point should investment be made, whether this is through the development of new sites or redevelopment at existing facilities.

This gives the ability to measure the potential impact and outputs can be used to drive the commercial model for investment into a site.


Model Accuracy: Projections proven to be 96% accurate when compared with actual throughput figures thanks to the use of sector data from 2,500+ facilities and 1 billion visits from DataHub

Scenario Planning – Ability to change the parameters for each facility type to test the impact of different scenarios on user projections

Projected User Profiling – Predictions for both usage and member numbers with full Mosaic profile comparisons to site, region and local catchment

Projected user mapping – Map of projected user and member locations


Competition Audit: Access to planned developments in addition to existing sites to undertake the full competition audit

Report outputs: Ability to export all information into designed reports


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