Optimise your capacity and performance

Keep track of your customer feedback, staff satisfaction and performance through various services. Optimise your capacity and performance, spread the workload between staff and allocate the most suitable solutions.

With e-Focus, you can respond, assign and monitor customer comments.


See Data in Real Time

  • The e-Focus platform supports 9 different services that provide customer experience insight through different research approaches.
  • All data can be seen in real-time and displayed in visually appealing graphs online – within date parameters you can set.
  • Our surveys have their own URL, which means you can easily direct customers and staff from your website with a simple button.

An Intuitive Platform

  • See responses in real time from customers and staff.
  • Give customers an environmentally friendly way of commenting on your services in their own time.
  • Create reports and graphs using submitted data from timeframes you choose.
  • Multiple features can be used across multiple sites, giving you a tailor-made picture of the impact your services have on the wider community.
  • Use results to direct your resources to achieving optimum revenue.
  • The platform can also be used on tablets, giving your customers optimum response opportunity through standalone kiosks in your centres.

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