The SOCIAL VALUE CALCULATOR (SVC), now in its third release, was designed to measure the impact generated from investment in sport and physical activity across four outcome areas: Physical and mental health, Subjective wellbeing, Individual development, Social and community development

Developed in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and Experian, 4GLOBAL’s SVC uses evidence based academic research and sector-wide benchmarks to provide operators with a tool to predict, track and evidence the impact of sports and physical activity they offer in their facilities.



  • Additional data assets – Overlaying your data with several lifestyles, social segmentation and risk assessment at both individual and household level.
  • Predict the future impact – Estimate the social value to be generated from your investments or programmes to make informed decisions and maximise your ROI

Support your Funding Applications

  • Inform Stakeholders – Indicate the social value created by sport and physical activity investment.
  • Strategic growth Support funding applications and programme commissioning while identifying areas with high social value potential through targeted activity.
  • Evidence your service – Provide transparent evidence of the community impact of your programme or facility aligned to your strategic objectives

Social Value Calculator Report