Understand how well you are delivering specific sports

Track and benchmark participation and programme performance across all of your sites. Understand your ranking against the sector and changes in performance.

Monitor growth and understand how the sector is performing

Using sector based quartile graphs, view your sites position against sector performance, access league tables for your own estate in terms of throughput and growth.



Strategic overview

  • Clear sport options allow you to select grouped programmes and see your site’s position agains the sector in terms of throughput and percentage growth over the previous 2 months.
  • Transparency shows your ranking in terms of other sites in the DataHub, while only allowing you to see the rank and not the competing site details to protect commercial sensitivities for all members.

Performance highlights

  • The sites with the largest rank change as well as the highest growth rate each month are identified.
  • Each site is ranked on a sector benchmarked quartile graph to indicate its sector performance.


  • Clear vision of opportunities for growth driving targeted analysis through other DataHub modules.
  • An opportunity to work closely with your local NGB representatives to help maximise the opportunities at site and operational level.
  • Visibility across a range of sports in a single module.
  • Live feeds from leisure management system and participation registration data provide up to the moment information on throughput and growth through a simple user interface.
  • Reward success without complex and time consuming report generation.
  • Maximise the NGB support provided at national and local levels.

View the NGB League Table