Sochi 2014

Winter Olympic Games

Sochi 2014 understood the need to demonstrate to the world their readiness to deliver a great XXII Winter Olympic Games. Therefore, after a thorough tender process, they chose 4GLOBAL to be their readiness provider, creating a trusted partnership that would achieve a heightened state of readiness within and between Sochi 2014 and its partners prior to the Games.


The project was delivered in the following three phases:

2011/Strategic Planning – this phase saw the creating of a readiness strategic plan focusing on having Sochi 2014 develop an internal Games Readiness capability aligned and integrated with Games Master Planning and organisational development. To close out the strategic planning phase of the readiness project, 4GLOBAL trained and qualified over 200 Sochi staff to be readiness trainers and champions.

2013/Readiness Exercises – 4GLOBAL trained readiness trainers, went on to train hundreds more staff in the art and science of operations readiness and to internally deliver and benefit from over 1000 individual readiness activities.

2014/Collective & Joint Readiness – 4GLOBAL trained and mentored a small core readiness team in the complex process of designing, developing and delivering a range of collective and joint readiness exercises. We then partnered with this team in the delivery of multiple venues, functional and main operations centre exercises.



Sochi 2014’s successful internal readiness capability grew to a size and scale not previously seen within an Olympic organising committee and generated quantifiable readiness outcomes with confidence and competence developed within staff and teams.

Our work achieved praise from the Russian President Vladimir Putin and earning Mark Watson, 4GLOBAL’s Project Director, a Special Commendation from the President of Sochi 2014.

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