4GLOBAL continues to support the sector during the lockdown period

The Sport and Physical Activity sector has a strong history of providing health and community benefits, support and safe haven in times of crisis. The recent COVID 19 outbreak and associated challenges faced across the globe are putting many sectors into uncharted territory.

Sport in all its guises – events, facilities, indoor and out, are currently in an enforced shutdown, with Government recommendations to minimise social gatherings and self-isolation both the members and the staff within our sector are being affected like never before.

4GLOBAL is dedicated to shaping the future of sport and never has there been a better time to deliver on this across the sector than now.  Although this is a challenging time both for business and for family we have the opportunity to reshape the sports and physical activity space to come back stronger and smarter than we were before.

The one certainty in this current situation is that it will end. With the dust settling from the initial shock of social isolation and adjusting to our new daily routines, we must take this opportunity to look to the future.  We will never again get a better opportunity to plan and create the best sport and physical activity sector we can.  We all have the opportunity review our business models, processes, and structures in order to make them fit for the future.

Our commitment to the sector and the power of our joint strategic partnerships, along with the support of you, our customers, puts us in a unique position to provide support and insights that will help you not just respond to the challenges we all face but capitalise on the opportunities it presents.

This is a difficult time for all and 4GLOBAL are dedicated to providing you with the best support we can through this time and look forward to connecting with you to help you make the right decisions as we as a sector work together to come back stronger.

If there is anything you would like to discuss, please reach out to lisa.coghill@4global.com