TRACTIV8 – Supporting Test and Trace for Facilities as they begin to Reopen

As operators move into a new phase getting ready to open on the 25th July, 4global continues to support the physical activity sector with its innovative contact tracing module Tractiv8.

As operators move into a new phase getting ready to open on the 25th July, 4global continues to support the physical activity sector with its innovative contact tracing module Tractiv8.

It is time to make sure everything is in order to support your members as they return to your facilities, providing them with the confidence to workout knowing we are looking after their welfare now more than ever.

As a sector, we already capture our user’s information and this will be more important under the reopening guidelines for our facilities. For those operators already linked to the DataHub provided by 4global, our track and trace module Tractiv8 that forms part of our Business Recovery Package is perfectly positioned to support the government’s test and trace initiative.

As per the published Government guidance, contact tracing is going to be a critical part of supporting the reopening of our sector and the Governments efforts to minimise infections and access data to enforce local lockdowns where necessary.

“2.1.4. Supporting Test and Trace
The opening up of the economy following the COVID-19 outbreak is being supported by NHS Test and Trace. You should assist this service by keeping a temporary record of your customers and visitors for 21 days, in a way that is manageable for your business, and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed. Collect sufficient data on each attendee (name, home phone number, mobile number, date and times of entry and exit) so that each person could be contacted if there is a case of COVID-19 connected to your facility. This could help contain clusters or outbreaks. These facilities are expected to have systems for recording their customers and visitors. If you do not already do this, you should do so to help fight the virus. We will work with industry and relevant bodies to design this system in line with data protection legislation, and set out details shortly.”

Tractiv8 allows gym, health club and leisure centre members a quick and simple way to inform a facility that they have contracted Covid-19. It also provides the ability for operators to work with contact tracers to provide the relevant contact information quickly and efficiently with minimal effort when staff are likely to already be stretched.

Tractiv8 uses the facility’s data, stored within the DataHub system, to establish who’s been in the building and when – identifying at-risk groups automatically by examining activity and location as well as the time of exposure, allowing operators to quickly communicate with at-risk members and provide NHS contact tracers with critical information to fulfil their role. There is no location (GPS) tracking of individuals and all data is processed and managed by the DataHub platform.

Communications can then be managed directly by you as an operator, through the DataHub’s Marketing Intelligence module or handed to the contact tracers through the Tractiv8 module from within the DataHub platform.

The app can easily be deployed in readiness for facilities re-opening across a single site or an entire estate.

“The leisure sector has been dramatically affected by COVID-19, with facilities closed and social restrictions driving unprecedented change to the delivery of sport and physical activity,” says Chris Phillips, Head of Sales, 4global

“Tractiv8 gives businesses a critical component in tackling perhaps the biggest re-opening challenge – to instil confidence in members and reassure them your priority is their safety.”

For more details on joining the DataHub or to arrange implementation of Tractiv8 at your facilities please contact –